About Us



The company is owned and managed by 2 Dutch nationals with a vast experience in food and retail business. The meat processing activities started in 2007.

We market our products under our own brand names Fantastic! Sausages and Windmill Gourmet. We also carry products under the name Master’s selection in

selected stores. The Fantastic! Sausages brand is sold in 500gr packs on the shelf in some 70 SM supermarkets. We also operate 36 Windmill Gourmet outlets

inside SM super- and hyper markets. Here you will find a wide range of sausages, hams, bacon, cold cuts, complemented with imported items like cheeses, salami etc.


  • Approximately 20 varieties of sausages

  • Different types of ham, also chicken and turkey ham

  • Pepperoni, Pastrami Honey cured bacon and back bacon

  • Hamburger Patties, Hot dogs

  • Cold Cuts like Lyoner, Pastrami, Turkey bacon, Beef bacon etc

  • Local delicacies such as Longanisa, Tapa and Tocino

Besides SM, we also supply (under different brand names):

  • Savemore

  • WalterMart

  • Shopwise

  • Hotels such as Dusit Thani, Crimson, Acacia, New World etc

  • Restaurants and bars

  • Commissaries

Windmill Gourmet Inc has all required licenses to operate a meat processing company. This includes FDA accreditation, BAI etc. Our company is inspected on a regular basis by government authorities. Our plant is under strict supervision of government bodies to ensure proper manufacturing practices.

We are able to listen to the requirements of our customers and produce products accordingly for them. We can also do toll manufacturing. We are very flexible and open to customize products within reasonable limits. We are hands on operators and monitor the whole company from the beginning till the end. This way we can guarantee the best quality at the best price.